How to using QR Code to share your mp3 file

Step 1.

Register or login to your file hosting site. Here I am using as demonstration.


Step 2.

Browse and upload the mp3 file you want to share.



Step 3.

Copy the First URL after uploading the file.


Step 4.

Paste the url to the box of the QR Code generator site. Here I am using, it’s free and gives you a lot of options to customise your QR Code.


Step 5.

You can leave the options as their default. Here I changed the color to blue to match my site. Then click the button on the right side to download the QR Code as a .png picture file to your pc.


Now you have your QR Code in a picture. You can print it out, or put it on any web page.


For most of the smart phones, they can install the QR Code Reader to read your QR Code. I am using the SCAN, very quick and easy to use.


After scan the QR Code with the SCAN app, you will immediately be redirected to the download page. Then click on the REGULAR DOWNLOAD button and wait 15 second.


Then click the link to download the file. For Apple user, it will play in the SCAN app, and you can’t save it to your
Apple device.


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