Tip for TimThumb (thumb.php) not Generating Thumbnails

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This tip is for anyone using TimThumb (aka “thumb.php”) either directly or indirectly via a WordPress theme (WooThemes uses it a lot) and is not having their thumbnails successfully generated.

I have run into this 3x in the last few years and ever time I forget the solution and have to re-find it, so I’m posting it here to help anyone else out running into the same issue.

Here are the juicy tidbits in easy-to-browse-format if you are coming in from Google:

  1. TimThumb is a PHP script used for zooming, cropping and generating thumbnails (typically 100×100 pixels) from images released under a GPL2 license.
  2. You can always download the latest version of the single PHP TimThumb script from here if you need it: http://code.google.com/p/timthumb/source/browse/trunk/timthumb.phpNOTE: Many WordPress themes (and likely others) use TimThumb internally to generate thumbnails (like WooThemes). There is a chance the TimThumb PHP file has been renamed in your install to something like “thumb.php” – double check when updating your copy of TimThumb.
  3. TimThumb uses the PHP-GD extension. If it’s not installed (as always happens with me) your thumbnails will silently fail to be generated.

    Debian TIP:
    apt-get install php5-gd
    CentOS/RedHat/Fedora TIP: ‘yum install php-gd
  4. By default TimThumb reads and writes to the /cache and /temp sub-folders under the directory the PHP script is currently contained in. Your web server will need full read/write access to those two subdirectories.

    Fast-and-Dirty TIP:
    chmod 777 cache‘  and ‘chmod 777 temp
    More Gooder-Betterest TIP:
    Find the user account that your web server runs under (likely ‘apache’ or ‘http’ or ‘www-data’, you can use the ‘top’ command and look at the user-process column for your web server process to see who it runs as) and give full read/write permission to that user to the cache/temp directory so it can use it as it needs it.
  5. Reader ridhoyp wanted to know how to configure TimThumb to resize images from a different domain (e.g. static.mydomain.com and mydomain.com), fortunately he found the solution online already.

NOTE: Many people have reported problems with their wp-content folder or timthumbs.php script itself are ‘chmod 777′, try using ‘chmod 755′ instead if you are still having problems.

And that should do it — if you are running into more complicated issues like the PHP script failing to even execute you might have a setup problem. Post a comment and I’ll see if I can help.

Update #1: A tip from reader Jeff is to use ‘chmod 755‘ instead of 777 as using 777 can cause problems with some server’s security settings (too open to trust).

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